The UFO Sound Studios is a high end recording studio located in the unique 1890’s Schneider brewery in the heart of Berlin, offering all the comforts and flexibility of a modern music production facility housing both – the latest state of the art equipment as well as legendary vintage recording equipment.

Our natural light 65sqm recording space can be separated in up to 4 rooms with clear sight lines to each other, offering a professional sound for your recordings while maintaining an open feeling for best live performances.
The 35sqm control room is filled with a handmade choice of finest recent as well as vintage analog preamps, compressors and reverbs by SSL, Lexicon, UREI, URSA Major, EMT and a lot more, offering the posibility to record directly onto tape with our 24track/2inch STUDER A80 or 16trk/2inch Mechlabor STM-700 as well as digital recordings powered by a 48-Channel Pro Tools HDX system.
Additionally or maybe first and foremost we are proud to offer you our „Recording Hall“: 200sqm, 8meter ceiling height with a one of a kind breathtaking natural reverb, perfect for any acoustic recording, for example awesome big drums or old Hollywood like strings.

For recreation between takes, we welcome you to sit down in our cosy lounge or peaceful, relaxing yard. For physical well-being a lot of good restaurants offering a wide range of different cuisines are just a walk away from the UFO Sound Studios.
We can offer you private parking for easy transportation of your backline or just general parking. If you don’t feel like coming by car, the UFO Sound Studios is well connected to the Berlin public transport.

Feel free to visit us!

finest analogue sound studio berlin