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Another one for the low-end..

This is the newest addition to the mic locker and maybe one of the oldest mics we have now.
An 1950’s AKG D12, the infamous predecessor of the AKG D112.
Freshly soldered, tightened, beautifully working and ready to crawl into your Kick Drum or right in front of your Bass cabinet.

akd d12

A new member…

Newest addition to the team. Focusrite HD215 Mic-Pre which is actually two of the legendary ISA 110 Mic-Pres designed by Rupert Neve with an most efficient an beautiful sounding Equalizer.
We appriciate and already love it for Drums, Piano and Vocals!


Orchestre Miniature in the Park

Years it took, several session, all desk inputs busy with up to 31 people in the same room playing „Songs about the Sun“ and here it is: OMP – Orchestre Miniature in the Park’s first LP.
Recorded in the UFO Sound Studios by Fabian G. Knof, overdubbed in Einraum Studio by Janek Sprachta and mixed by Michael Ilbert in Hansa Studios.


Ulrike Haage and the UFO.

Ulrike Haage came to the UFO to record her 2015 album.

In her own words: „Snapshots from our recording for the new album 2015: A great hall, good microphones, an amazing grand piano [thank you, Bechstein] and a passionate team…no digital additions needed! Just pure natural ingredients without preservatives.“